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At Impact Gym we offer a range of classes to suit all ability levels from the beginner to the advanced athlete. Our team of fully qualified coaches are here to help you get the very best out of your martial arts journey be that fitness, self defence or competition goals.


We offer a full juniors program at the gym catering for children from 4 to 15 years old covering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling and Kickboxing with options to compete in these disciplines. 


Our adult programs cover Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Submission Grappling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Wrestling, Kickboxing, Boxing and Judo. We work with members of the general public looking to get fitter, build confidence and learn a new skill all the way up to amateur and professional athletes. 

Impact Gym is proud to have champions in both MMA and Grappling as well as coaches competing at amateur and professional level.

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Martial Arts

Impact Gym was established in 1982 and has always been at the forefront of Martial Arts in Bristol and the South West. Over the years the team has grown in strength and numbers and we are proud to offer a top class facility and coaching team. 

We specialise in MMA and Grappling and provide the highest levels of technical guidance in these sports with a range of coaches with a wealth of experience.

We provide a safe, fun and professional atmosphere for our members to learn, build confidence and develop skills. 

Our Programs

Our membership includes all martial arts classes and open mat usage of the martial arts area. However we find it useful to break our programs down into sections to make it easier for new members to see a clear pathway through the timetable.

Mixed martial arts

Our MMA program is aimed from novice to advanced level and allows you to build a solid foundation in combined MMA. Over the course of a week you will have the opportunity to learn striking, wrestling, grappling and cage work skills. Our MMA coaching team hold multiple Cage Warriors titles at national and international level and compete at amateur and professional level. BRISTOL Monday 6-7pm - MMA (Sparring Class) Tuesday 7-8pm - MMA (All Levels) Wednesday 6-7pm – Wrestling Thursday 6-7 pm - MMA (Fundamentals)

Submission Grappling

Our Submission Grappling program is aimed from novice to advanced level and is designed to build a solid grappling foundation with our fundamentals and take things to the next level in our more advanced class. Over the course of a week you will have the opportunity to learn takedowns, submissions and control from a range of grappling arts. Our Grappling coaching team hold multiple titles and compete at amateur and professional level. BRISTOL Monday 7-8pm - Submission Grappling (Sparring Class) Tuesday 6-7pm - Submission Grappling (Fundamentals) Wednesday 6-7pm - Wrestling Thursday 6-7 pm - Submission Grappling (Fundamentals) Thursday 7-8pm - Submission Grappling (All Levels) Saturday 10-11am - Submission Grappling (All Levels)


Our Striking program is aimed from novice to advanced level and is designed to build a solid striking foundation for boxing, kickboxing and MMA. Over the course of a week you will have the opportunity to learn boxing skills, footwork, striking for MMA and a range of skills in the standing position. Our coaches have a wealth of knowledge and include title holding competitors. BRISTOL Tuesday 6-7pm - Striking for MMA (All Levels) Wednesday 7-8pm - Boxing (All Levels) Friday 6-7 pm - Striking for MMA (Fundamentals)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our BJJ program is aimed at all levels and is designed to build skills in Gi based grappling. Over the course of a week you will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the sport including takedowns, submissions and positional control. Our team coaches are all regular competitors and hold medals at multiple levels of competition. BRISTOL Monday 6-7pm - BJJ (All Levels) Monday 6-7pm - BJJ (Fundamentals) Wednesday 6-7pm - BJJ (Fundamentals) Friday 6-7 pm - Judo for BJJ (All Levels) Saturday 10-11am - BJJ (All Levels)

junior martial arts

Impact Juniors is aimed at children 5-15 years old and covers BJJ, Submission Grappling, Wrestling and Striking to create an all encompassing system of Martial Arts. The program is specifically designed to improve discipline, confidence and help bully proof your child. We also offer a pathway to competition and gradings allowing your child to progress in a way that best suits them. We have a successful children's competitive team that have competed in various BJJ and Grappling events with older children participating in Mixed Martial Arts also. Classes 5-6pm Monday - Junior Submission Grappling Tuesday - Junior BJJ Wednesday - Junior Wrestling Thursday - Junior Kickboxing Class 9-10am Saturday - Junior BJJ

7 day trial

FREE Trial

At Impact gym we are extremely proud of our Martial Arts and Fitness offering, we believe we deliver the best service in the South West and we would like you to come and experience an evening of coaching FREE OF CHARGE.

Come and experience any of our classes free of charge, give yourself the opportunity to see exactly whats on offer, meet our coaches and staff and experience the true Impact Gym. We are confident you'll love your time with us and we look forward to meeting you. Simply apply below, choose your day, meet us at reception and get started!

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Meet The Team



If you'd like to talk with us or have an enquiry please use the form below - we will be in touch soon.

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Apex Fitness Systems manages the fitness program at Impact Gym and have a state of the art facility including a fully equipped gym with everything from free weights, racks, dumbbells and kettlebells to plate loaded and conventional weight training machines as well as host of functional equipment such as tyres, slam balls, battle ropes, sleds and more.

They also have a range of cardio equipment - including treadmills, assault bikes, rowers, cross trainers and more. On top of this they provide a range of fitness classes aimed at all levels and abilities.



(Over 30 Classes per month including BJJ, Submission Grappling and Kickboxing)


(Over 85 Classes per month across 2 sites including MMA, BJJ, Submission Grappling, Boxing, Striking & Judo)



What are our opening hours?

Monday – Thursday – 08:30-13:00 and 16:30-20:30
Friday 08:30-13:00 and 16:30-19:00
Sat and Sun – 09:00-12:00


Do you have a timetable?

Yes - click on the timetable button at the top of the page

Can I try a class before I sign up?

Yes, we offer a F
REE trial evening including all classes and facilities - apply by clicking the free trial button on our website

Do you do kids classes?

Yes, we offer a full Junior Martial Arts timetable - click the Martial Arts button to learn more

Do I have to compete?

No, most of our members don't compete, but should you want to we can help you reach your competition goals and have competitors at amateur to pro level competing nationally and internationally.

What are your prices?

Please click our membership button for full pricing.

Can I do 'pay as you go'?

Yes, you can train at a cost of £8 per session 

Do I need any equipment? 

No, not initially - whilst on free trial we can provide all equipment. After that time we advise you get your own equipment and can provide everything from Gi's to Gum-shields on site at Impact Gym for low prces. 


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